je veux vivre.

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eliot stabler laying down the law for women’s rights to their own bodies

I love Ice Cube’s face, he’s just like, “What the fuck is this guy on?”

That’s Ice T silly

rebloggin’ for the ice cube

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every secret of the universe is revealed in a nightclub at 3 am, when your head is tilted back and basked in cheap disco ball neon after a too-thick line makes its way into your bloodstream, when your pupils dilate and you feel the pump of your heart, when you see the sweaty, stumbling masses desperate to touch each other, when you scratch at ripped vinyl and nylon, when a song changes tune, when flashes of light come as a welcome reprieve from the stifling darkness. that is life, the human condition, the purpose of existence. it’s all there. one high instant and you can find yourself talking to God. never dismiss those moments.


i’ve accepted on too many occasions, never seeing you again. but you have a way of scratching your way back into my heart, mind, and life. but this time it’s over. i’ve bled too much over you, and you’ve never dressed those wounds.

poem abt me: 
i will never 
like the look
of a yoga mat in the 
morning or the simplicity
with which people smile
& i will never
go a day without 
coffee or forgetting about 
but i promise you
i will always
like the look
of your tired eyes in the
morning or the mess
of your pillow hair
& i will never
go a day without
kissing you first or 
listening to you wonder about
and the abyss
and if
we have to take out
the yoga mat
just wait until dusk, at least,
so we can stretch
and smile
with the moon
and i can think about death
and you can talk about life
over coffee 

Vanity: the understanding that the never-ending search for something above yourself is futile